Nearly all businesses are dependent on the Internet in one way or another. This includes data storage, cloud computing, email, billing, and a variety of business-to-business transactions. A reliable/fast Internet connection coupled with a well-designed network protection plan is essential.

Is your network protected from external threats? Are you relying on your computer's built-in firewall along with the minimal protection offered by a residential grade router? These solutions, even if they are kept up-to-date don't offer much protection from sophisticated threats capable of causing data loss or damage to every device on your network. It makes sense to consider upgrading to a true business class firewall.

Even if you have a firewall, it may not provide complete protection if you don’t have qualified technicians monitoring and managing it. The best device on the market will become less effective over time without upkeep. A managed firewall service keeps your data safe by ensuring that threat definitions and firmware are up to date, backups are kept, and the system is monitored.

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